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Odogwu’s Mischief, Obiano’s Political Obituary?


“No one in this world is pure but if you avoid people for their little mistakes, you will always be alone. So, judge less and love more”! –Jabez

I am not pure and the governor of Anam­bra State, Chief Wil­lie Obiano, Akpokuedike Global, is not; neither is any of his aides, including my friend, James Eze, SSA Media to the Governor.

He made Obiano to love me and he also made Obiano to hate me! Obi­ano celebrated me March 28, 2014 and sooner, we fell apart because he was made to understand that I was commissioned to rubbish his mission and vision for Ndi Anambra. Whatever that means!

No ill feelings. He re­mains my governor, and I remain a journalist with multiple links, standing in for the truth as much as my conscience could go.

But that breeds the fric­tion between me and Obi­ano’s aides. At the end of his or their tenure, they should be able to say who really did his duties aright for the so­ciety. Praise singing; forget it; unless you are the one saying it, not my opinion.

That is exactly my point, but the jesters called politi­cal appointees would not al­low reason to prevail. Imag­ine the enmity and beefing they have created between a good man, Governor Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obi­ano, Executive Governor of Anambra State and his ben­efactor, former Governor Peter Obi, as well as the good people of Anambra State.

For real, this is not the best of times for Gover­nor Obiano as these jest­ers and merry makers have brought him enormous ill will than imagined. 90% of them would not be able to win their wards. We pray his won’t be worst than for­mer Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju’s experience, but my spirit tells me Obi­ano is already tired of the mockery and tremendous criticisms and is prepar­ing himself for graceful re­tirement. If not, why is he abandoning governance to pursue frivolous and numb­skulls actors forced on him by desperadoes; forgetting that bulk stops at his table. If all the mundane acquisi­tions are true, then, Obiano would shock many observ­ers as he participates in 2017 Anambra Governorship for the sake of participating.

For his team, especially the media team, they are a bunch of people not focused on Obiano, but people who seek their wel­fares, except a few strug­gling to swing opinions in favour of the government.

They lack the qualities re­quired of Governor Obiano’s media team. These are fel­lows that would never an­swer phone calls and would never return calls or even respond to inquiries, not to talk of going to a media person, or react immedi­ately when a media person calls to get the clarification.

James Eze led the pack of ignominious media team of Obiano. What is his stake? After all he defeated all of us from Anambra to become SSA Media to Obiano even when he hails from Enugu, adding that he has no expe­rience in the media, if not telecommunication Industry PR Unit where they intimi­dated many. Nobody knows anything except James Eze. He claims to know all but knows nothing! After all, writing good essays does not make one a good media man for a personality like Obiano. But, James speaks fine, and, writes fine though, but, that does not make one a better media man­ager. He needs to reach out.

Obiano’s media aide should step in the gap, not play­ing tantrums and combat­ive all the day. He should court the media in the state. Almost every jour­nalist complains of Obi­ano’s media team and aides!

If I should ask Governor Obiano to drop all of them I would be tagged a devil. So, I beg the team to sit up and adjust as 2017 ap­proaches. It is better to be proactive, be on top of the game and approachable than what is currently obtainable.

If our now “deaf and dumb” journalists in An­ambra State, according to James Eze, could teach Peter Obi, our former governor to start reading newspapers and value journalists; Obiano has no choice than to do so!

Deaf and dumb era in jour­nalism will soon be over. Even those media houses allegedly bought over by government would jump the ship to be able to get advert money from others aspiring for governorship position.

So, Your Excellency, if the bloated cabinet is an excess baggage, drop them or re­call them. I put it to you that you are not preparing for 2017 election, but just danc­ing Skelewu waiting for your time to bow and run back to Houston. How can you have hundreds of aides being paid with tax payer’s money, who could not add any value to the system but scramble for avenues to create revenue with your tacit approval?

My dear governor, what kind of aides do you have in Commissioner for Infor­mation and Communica­tion Strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta and Commis­sioner for Works, Chief Law Chinwuba, that since Sep­tember 21, 2016, they can­not pick their calls or even respond to text messages re­questing from them the list of roads you awarded and constructed since you as­sumed office and the number of roads you inherited that have been neglected? When I contacted your ‘’almighty’’ SSA Media, James Eze, he replied and I quote “Odog­wu! What new mischief are you up to this time? ‘’

Nothing else came from my inquiry. Others in the media team like Emeka Ozumba, another SSA, and others did not reply but Chucks Iloeg­bunam, who dignified me with a reply against my ex­pectation stated thus: “Dear Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Good morning, on the in­formation you seek, a me­dia inspection of Anambra government projects is in the office. If your scheme can’t wait for that opportu­nity, you may directly con­tact the relevant Honour­able Commissioner for help,’’.

But MD National Light, Chuka Nnabuife, who put his head in the ring to en­sure that a pro-Obiano, so to speak, emerged NUJ Chairman, destroying the spirit of a family election, could not even suggest an­swers to this inquiry even when he is almost available in all government activities.

He did not dignify me with a reply. MD ABS, Uche Nwo­rah, who has now popular­ized the Nze title using his medium, directed me to the Commissioner for Works. The Chairman of ABS Board , Emeka Maduagwuna, with all his PR tags, even when he once accused me of sabotag­ing the Obiano administra­tion by not getting their views or writing warped materials, did not give me any reply. He gave me punches for blog­ging in www.odogwublog.com and other platforms on­line and offline yet, he could not respond to the inquiries. I await his second attack as he even warned me not to trouble him with inquiries on government issues as he is not government spokesperson.

Ifeanyi Aniago, SSA Social Media, my friend, though on a later date, also did not re­spond immediately but later simply replied me, “kindly get the accurate list from the ministry of works, brother’’.

Again, shockingly but not surprisingly, SSA on Politics to Obiano , Chinedu Obidig­we, though he loves Obiano to die, yet he did not give any reply to this inquiry; neither did he pick his calls or return same. Chinedu, yesterday’s boy, is today’s power broker. When I do my reports, he would be the first to crucify me. He forgets I was part of his political history when he dresses like scum in tat­tered APGA wares, lanky and helpless staging all man­ner of protests for survival and later, Prince Chinedu Idigo, a gentleman, stepped him up and God used Idigo to salvage Obidigwe, with me and Emmanuel Uzor of the SUN newspapers cham­pioning the media front.

What has Obidigwe con­tributed to my survival to have such hatred on me for simply being professional? Well, I don’t care for his threats because God is the ultimate decider and what­ever He allows, let it be.

God has been merciful on him; let Obidigwe not for­get in a hurry for I watched him grew from rag to riches, courtesy of former Gover­nor Peter Obi, who loved Idigo. Nobody is begrudg­ing him of his God given op­portunity which I am happy in a way for him because so many youths are benefiting from him. Kudos to him on that note as drummers of yesterday have become Special Advisers and Com­mittee Members. That is the way to go. Something must make or mar somebody.

Oh! Bring back our Uju Nwogu, a law teacher, a woman that faced media criticism unprecedented. She braced up with adver­sity. She does not know and needed to know. Uju Nwogu (PhD), within a short while, mastered journalism pranks and became the best friend of the media and did her job well, but alas, the devil we know was removed and she is shining in Sports and Youths Ministry today. But we are brought back to Chief Tony Onyima , former MD of Sun Newspapers days of not answering calls and this and that. Is Onyima not even better than the present com­missioner, Tony Nnacheta?

These bunch are daily digging the grave for the “political obituary” of Gov­ernor Willie Obiano for no just cause; yet, nobody is noticing them because, any opposing view is an oppo­sition, and my constructive criticism is death sentence.

Brethren, sit up now that there is still daylight. What shall it profit Obiano’s Media Team and all his Social Media Team to be reacting and combating in the face of deluge anticipated in 2017. Time to change tactics is now. Time to reconcile and reposition is now. Though governance suffered for ambitious second term promoters who declared for the government rather too early leading to abandoning of governance, but let it be clear that I wasn’t saying that Obiano worked on roads or not but, his aides gave room for hasty conclusion that Obiano’s government did less to nothing on our roads, yet, the noisemakers had opportunity to flaunt

these feats or adumbrate much but went dumb.

Could words be matched with action on the package by Governor Obiano out of re­cession? The Revenue agents alleged they have license to collect tax one year and now the government wanted to change the goal post at the middle of the game. I don’t know the details but if this ultimatum is to start immediately, there would continue to be issues. The disengagement would have been gradual. How would revenue collectors recover the money they paid into govern­ment accounts or ones used as bribe to get the IGR window?

Obiano was goaded into dissipating energy on for­mer governor, Peter Obi, an enigma who walks around sharing money to schools and institutions unmindful of targeted disgrace and calls for his probe by EFCC by Obi­ano’s aides. Obi would have been Obiano’s strong ally, but today, an albatross; no thanks to his aides. The same aides probably encouraged him to abandon Bishop Alex Ibe­zim of Awka diocese with full guard of honour mounted for him on strong assurances that he would attend the all-important State Eucharistic Service on Sunday 25th Sep­tember, 2016 , even when all his State Executive Coun­cil members were waiting.

Before I went to press, a friend of Chinedu Obidigwe, and member of Petroleum Committee read my protest in a forum and called and gave me the number of Engr. Julius, SA Works to the Gover­nor. That guy was more than a Chief Press Secretary. I called him and he was on call. I sent text. He returned my call and explained that those materi­als and photos are available that he would avail me all I needed by evening, though we did not meet before send­ing my report, he remained the greatest dude in the spirit of serving a government. I will still track him to have my curiosity quelled. His likes should be in the government.

But if truth be told, Obiano’s recession relief packages were good, only if revenue agents could be contained with a monitoring team for compli­ance in both urban and rural settings because, as at press time, many were still collect­ing the levies with aggression at Nnewi, etc, demanding that they must recover their mon­ey. My Governor, Chief Wil­lie Obiano, now is the time!

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Otunba Sayo Akintola is a 1992 graduate of Linguistics from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Financial Management and MBA from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. He started his 12-year sojourn in journalism at the Nigerian Tribune in 1993 as Business and Economy reporter. He rose through the ranks to become the Group Business Editor of the nation’s oldest surviving private national newspaper, the Nigerian Tribune. He set up World Street Journal magazine in 2018.

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